HPB and the Environment

What we do to be green

Helping the environment by preserving and recycling resources is part of our daily business. At Half Price Books we feel that everyone can help preserve the environment.

By striving to reuse, recycle and resell resources, Half Price Books helps keep books out of landfills. We like to keep books and other entertainment in circulation by selling secondhand and buying back from the public. But we also do a number of other things to be green. To name a few, Half Price Books:

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  • Encourages customers to decline a bag or use reusable tote bags when they checkout in-store. Reusable tote bags are available for purchase.
  • Offers plastic bags for customer’s purchases, made of post-consumer waste and contain no lead paint. Except in Seattle, California and Austin, where we offer reusable plastic or paper bags according to local ordinances.
  • Sells paper gift cards which are acceptable in all paper recycling programs.
  • Installs light and heat repellant window tint in stores that makes us eligible for energy code rebates.
  • Has diamond-polished concrete and ceramic tile in stores that take non-chemical maintenance and negate the need for unfriendly floor coverings like sheet vinyl and wall coverings like FRP.
  • Prints all company stationery and marketing materials on 100% recycled paper that is manufactured at a carbon-neutral mill using wind-power.
  • Purchases many recycled office supply products for office needs.
  • Partners with J.B. Hunt intermodal transportation system to help to reduce co2 emissions versus trucking alone.
  • Constructs each store with 100% recyclable carpet as well as environmentally sensitive paints and other materials.
  • Uses low-flow power-assisted commodes in a majority of stores.
  • Encourages employees and customers to “take a s(eco)nd to think” and use only what they need with friendly eco reminder stickers near light switches and paper towel dispensers. 
  • Powers all Texas stores and facilities with Green Mountain Energy pollution-free wind and offers incentives for employees to go green with their home energy too.
  • Offers a free electric vehicle charging station at our Dallas Flagship store.

Our Philosophy

A healthy environment, locally and globally, is vital to our business.

We view protection of the environment as a journey, not a destination. We began that journey more than 40 years ago and it continues today. Each employee of Half Price Books and its subsidiaries has responsibility for stewardship of our natural resources and must strive to conduct business in ways that protect and preserve the environment. Our employees, business partners, suppliers and consumers must all work together to continuously find innovative ways to foster the efficient use of natural resources, prevention of waste and sound management of paper, energy and water. Doing so not only benefits the environment, it makes good business sense.

Where our products come from

A great many of our products are used and come directly from the public – sold secondhand to us from customers like you. However, for those that are not, we work to acquire an assortment of merchandise for our customers from places and people who are equally concerned with our social and environmental commitment.

Earth Day Gallery

Each April, Half Price Books celebrates Earth Day.

We’ve done so in a variety of ways over the years, like encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint by drinking from reusable bottles and coffee mugs or asking people to walk, ride a bike or take public transportation to work. Employees around the country have organized “Green Teams” that volunteer to clean up litter, plant trees or help improve parks in their neighborhoods. In 2012, we planted trees in each of our markets to celebrate our 40th anniversary.