Environmental Philosophy

A healthy environment, locally and globally, is vital to our business.

We view protection of the environment as a journey, not a destination. We began that journey more than 40 years ago and it continues today. Each employee of Half Price Books and its subsidiaries has responsibility for stewardship of our natural resources and must strive to conduct business in ways that protect and preserve the environment. Our employees, business partners, suppliers and consumers must all work together to continuously find innovative ways to foster the efficient use of natural resources, prevention of waste and sound management of paper, energy and water. Doing so not only benefits the environment, it makes good business sense.

Where Our Products Come From

A great many of our products are used and come directly from the public – sold secondhand to us from customers like you. However, for those that are not, we work to acquire an assortment of merchandise for our customers from places and people who are equally concerned with our social and environmental commitment.