60s Pop Movie Posters

This far-out assortment of movie posters features the stars, vibrant art and groovy lingo of the swingin’, singin’ 60s. All posters are original folded one-sheets with few flaws—suitable for framing and hanging in your bachelor pad or your tiki bar.

Double Trouble


MGM, 1967

"Elvis takes mad mod Europe by song..." Poster art features two, count ‘em, two images of Elvis and his guitar! Bright and colorful, no pinholes—$125. Three more Elvis movie posters are also available: Kissin’ Cousins, Fun in Acapulco and Paradise—Hawaiian Style.

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The Fastest Guitar Alive


MGM, 1967

Crooner Roy Orbison stars as a “guitarslinger” in his first and only dramatic movie role. No hits came from this musical western, but it’s quite a curiosity piece! In Near Fine condition—$60.

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Hell’s Angels ‘69

American International, 1969

Sensationalist film of "the rumble that rocked Las Vegas," featuring several actual Hell's Angels, including the notorious Sonny Barger. Very minor foldwear, $150.

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What’s New Pussycat?

United Artists, 1965

It’s Woody Allen’s first screenplay, and Woody stars, along with Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress and other 60s stars. The poster art is by Frank Frazetta! Tom Jones had a big hit with the Bacharach/David title song. In Very Good condition. $40

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Paramount, 1968

The pop-art style B original folded one-sheet of the movie that put Jane Fonda in space! Directed by Roger Vadim. Very clean, colors bright—$800

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Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

MGM, 1968

Herman’s Hermits on the big screen! Actor Peter Noone and the Hermits perform the title song and “There’s a Kind of Hush” to raise money for a dog-racing competition. In Very Good+ condition, $50.

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Billy Jack

Warner Brothers, 1971

Billy Jack was a 60s-holdover crusader for peace (albeit with guns and martial arts). The movie was filmed in ’69 but didn’t get distribution until 1971. The song “One Tin Soldier,” featured in the movie, was a US hit for Coven. “Go ahead’n hate your neighbor, go ahead’n cheat a friend…” Very Good condition, $40.

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Georgy Girl

Columbia, 1966

Lynn Redgrave’s breakout role was as this movie’s title character, a young girl trying to make her way through swingin’ London. The title song was a hit by The Seekers. In Very Good condition, $30

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Where It’s At

United Artists, 1969

Where was it at in the late 60s? If you go by this movie, it was Vegas. The movie stars The Fugitive’s David Janssen. In Very Good condition—$40

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The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini

American International, 1966

Stars Karloff and Rathbone, alongside Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley. Creepy 60s fun! Very Good condition—$50.

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Cotton Comes to Harlem

United Artists, 1970

Chester Himes’ mystery series characters Coffin Ed and Gravedigger solve crime on the streets of Harlem. The opening theme, “Ain’t Now but It’s Gonna Be,” was written by Ossie Davis and performed by Melba Moore. Beautiful, expressive artwork. $75

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