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Thank you teachers!

“Mr. Ludwig does an incredible job of engaging students with his AP Government class. He gets students to care about politics and the role they should play in our democracy, without taking sides.” —Doug W. • Kansas City, MO
"My sixth grade science teacher, Mrs. Schmitz, will always be at the top of my list. She instilled a sense of wonder and learning about the world around us, and I will always be thankful for that. I was also her student aid in the eight grade, and it was so much fun being a teacher's pet for one of my favorite teachers!" —Zane H. • Borger, TX
“Ms. Goliam is the ultimate Ms. Frizzle, dressing like our favorite Magic School bus teacher and carrying a bearded dragon on her shoulder. She's passionate about teaching and makes learning fun!” —Sara C. • San Marcos, TX
"My high school AP US History teacher had such a deep impact on my life. Mrs. Gray, thanks for teaching me more of history than I ever would have learned with anyone else. Thank you for making sure we always thought critically, and for preparing me for college. You'll always be my favorite teacher, particularly for your finger puppets of Abraham Lincoln as you lectured us on the Reformation!" —Katy C. • Southlake, TX
“Ms. Menedien works to promote and keep in the arts alive. Shes a special lady thats is 81 years young. she teaches us seniors to keep our minds and hands active.” —Dorothy E. • Decatur, GA