Behind the Book
Behind the Book

We’re celebrating all things printed and recorded—and played, solved, watched, etc. In other words, all the cool stuff we sell in our stores.


Ephemera, Etcetera!

Unless you’re one of those people that regularly clean out your junk drawer, you probably have a few paper items such as tickets, brochures or other keepsakes kicking around your house. Some of these ephemera have been transformed over the years into highly valued collectibles!

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The World Gets Bookish

Everybody knows books were expensive and rare before Johannes Gutenberg, but did he actually invent movable type? Check out the blog >

Readers Flip for Magazines

Did you know magazines weren’t actually created so you’d have something to read in your doctor’s waiting room? Check out the blog >

Puzzles Rise to the Challenge

This affordable and entertaining pastime is still going strong today. Join us as we piece together the history of puzzles. Check out the blog >

Revolutions in Recorded Sound

It’s time to get into the groove and learn some aural history in this episode of Half Price Books All Things Printed & Recorded. Check out the blog >

Children's Books: Adventures in Wonder

We’re not kidding around…children’s books are a cultural phenomenon! Join us to get a primer on the history of kid lit. Check out the blog >

Video Hits Home

Everyone loves going to the movies—but not everyone loves high ticket prices and noisy seatmates. There’s no denying home video has changed the movie business forever. Check out the blog >

Paperbacks: Judge Them By Their Cover

Popular, portable and most likely sporting a pretty awesome cover, the modern paperback is loved by everyone who likes to take a book wherever they go. Check out the blog >

Video Games Come Into Play

Almost 80 years after the first computer game prototype arrived, there’s no denying this awesome pastime offers more complex worlds to explore than ever before! Check out the blog >

Bam! Pow! The Heroic Rise of Comic Books

From superheroes to serious graphic novels, comic books have a pretty entertaining history. Evolving throughout the decades from a dime store novelty to Pulitzer-worthy literature, this medium can entertain, educate—even inspire! Check out the blog >

Ready. Cassette. GO!

Influencing everything from the birth of hip-hop to the spread of rock behind the Iron Curtain, the cassette tape is much more than just another way to listen to your favorite tunes. Check out the blog >

Board Games Take a Turn

Whether it’s classics like backgammon and checkers or family favorites such as Sorry or Candyland, we can almost guarantee that we’ll never be BORED of taking our turn at the latest tabletop sensation. Check out the blog >